Do you need an administrator?

  • Do you want focus on developing websites for clients and not managing servers.
  • If Your developers are spending too much time on system administration tasks.
  • If Your agency has grown to the point where downtime is unacceptable.
  • You have demanding clients and tight schedules keeping you fully occupied.
Yes! we are a good option. Talk to us Now!
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Business Benefits

We solve hosting problems for digital agencies.

Process Consultation


It begins with discussion on key issues and expectations. General things we discuss about,

  • Hosting Environment
  • Release Process
  • Firewall & Configuration
  • Application Security

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Process Management


In the first few days of engagement, we tighten up the security on and filter internet activity.

We scan the server for possible misconfiguration of packages installed on the server and optimising the services like Database, WebServer, Email Service, FTP etc

Logging is vital to check back if things goes wrong, we implement this as well during the first phase of setup.

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We understand how much important it is to know the time spent doing it and activity done by our engineers.

We maintain and hourly log of the activities and share a weekly report to you.

What to Expect

Stability & Security of the core services

Web Servers
Apache Ngnix Lighttpd SSL Certificates PHP Optimization Caching
Mail Servers
Exim qMail Postfix Sendmail
FTP Servers
ProFTPD vsFtpd Mirroring
MySQL Replication Clustering
Application Security
Wordpress Drupal
Malware Protection Firewall Backdoor Prevention Vulnerability assessment
Incremental On System Incremental on S3 Compatible storage
DNS Servers Networking Proxy Server Monitoring Logging
Supported Environments
Redhat Linux CentOS Ubuntu WHM CPanel

Server Compromised? Get in touch for priority help.

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